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Women's Seductive Maid Costume

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What’s the best part about a Halloween party? All the dancing, all the games, or all the dancing? It’s really hard to decide on the best part but the worst part of the party is pretty easy to agree on


Along with the dress, you will also have a cute black satin choker as well as a lace-trimmed headband to add to your fun seductive vibe

And how can you do any cleaning if you don t have any of the right supply Well, don t you worry about that because this costume also comes with a handy-dandy feather duster! Now all you need to do in order to complete this outfit is grab a pair of black high-heels and some fishnet stockings or thigh highs

It is without a doubt the clean-up! Well, now it s time to add a little fun to cleaning

Maybe you can even integrate some cleaning into your dance moves! Tell everyone to pop, locking and mop it or to dust a room rather than to bust a move

Once you have all the perfect finishing touches for this costume, you ll be ready for the party and the clean-up this Halloween.Change up the Halloween traditions this time around with some good clean fun

Toss on this Women s Seductive Maid Costume and clean up your act a little bit this Halloween.This sassy getup comes with a beautiful short-skirted black dress that has a cute white satin ribbon bow and a white satin lace-edged apron

We re sure you re squeaky clean moves will be a crowd favorite